66 Days

66 Days is a coaching platform, teaching people how to change themselves by changing their habits.

It takes 2 approaches.


I’ve created a living document that outlines my approach to health and wellness.

In it, I explain my approach to staying in shape, how many of the narratives around health and fitness are misleading and disingenuous at best, provide recipes and exercises that you can rely on and timeless principles for you to apply to your life.

This document will be continuously updated.

I’ll react to requests for information and update the space accordingly.

The space will be multimedia based. There will be words, images, articles, video, anything that helps me to clearly explain my approach.

This document is a one-off purchase. You pay for lifetime access to the information and are free to make requests for more.

For those who want additional support, I’ll be offering 1:1 and group coaching.

1:1 coaching will involve a personalised client space with a co-designed routine and scheme of work, personalised receipe recommendations and workout advice. This is the best approach to changing your behaviour.

Group coaching will have a shared space with a less customised offer. The benefit to this will be in the reduced price and the shared accountability.


Here I want to create a community for those who wish to pursue their creative goals but find themselves struggling to put things in to practice.

I’ll share habit forming strategies, provide accountability and can also create a private, personalised space for those who want some more specific coaching.

Some of the people I’ve been working with are using 66 Days to experiment with a potential career change.

Others are just trying to fulfil longhand creative ambitions.

The community is free to join.

There is 1:1 coaching available.

1:1 coaching involved a personalised client space with daily accountability, messaging, living vision board and supplementary useful materials.

Eventually I’d like to run crowdsourced, micro creative projects around a theme or an objective, harnessing the power of the group to make something great.

What I Offer


Lifetime access to the living document

1:1 coaching available

Group coaching available


Access to the 66 Days community

1:1 coaching available