getting consistent

Inspired by Seth Godin and Isaac Morehouse, I’ve been trying to publish a blog post every day. Showing your work and having the accountability of making it public is supposed to be a great way of honing your skills and improving as a writer.

I’ve been concurrently ‘building my second brain’, following the principles laid out by Tiago Forte and the Notion templatesThe problem with of Maria Aldrey. This is growing by the day, creating a vast quote and ideas bank which will enable me to see connections between topics and write about them far quicker and with greater ease of information recall than my memory alone could manage.

It’s early days on this but anyone I’ve shown it to has been shocked (in a good way).

The problem I’ve encountered with daily publishing is one of self-consciousness. I’ve got beyond being concerned about making my thoughts public, it’s more that once I begin writing on something that interests me, I find that I’ve got so much to say that I park the post, intending to return to it later.

Publishing every day was supposed to avoid this, to help me adopt a ‘done is better than perfect’ mentality. Unfortunately I’m yet to clear that psychological hurdle.

Anyway, today I’ll polish up a couple of the unfinished posts and put them out there. They’ll become future reference points for me anyway, the ideas and phrases ready to be remixed into future work.

Now, everything is a stream, you can remix your work forever. That’s oddly freeing and limiting at the same time.

Ben Mercer