the inspiration loop

Committing to the daily blogs, for those who haven’t read previously, is partly inspired by Isaac Morehouse and Seth Godin.

They write every day, even if they’re only short posts, or in the case of Issac, the odd haiku.

I actually posted a haiku in the Radreads Slack group the other day, partly for a joke but partly to exorcise my tired brain from a long day of slogging it out over a keyboard.

Maybe the best thing about sharing online has been the emails I’ve been getting, from strangers or old friends who have stumbled across my posts.

Some of these correspondences have lengthened out and become quite delightful. They don’t have to be regular, they often aren’t, but when I get a lengthy email it’s always a joy to see that someone took the time to write a long and considered response to something I said.

Today I received two such emails and the senders both apologised for the length of their missives when I should be thanking them for being so engaging.

Since sharing my writing, I’ve had others tell me how they’re going to start doing something. This morning I heard someone was going to start a Viking novel, this afternoon I learned someone else was inspired to write something dystopian and this evening, I’m hearing more about another’s burgeoning but fast-developing interest in light design.

Learning these things makes me think I should pursue some of my own further ideas, some of the more ambitious ones that I’ve prevaricated over.

Sometimes you see blocks - I can’t get the right tool, I can’t find a customer, I don’t have the time…

More recently I see solutions. There’s a new tool I didn’t know about. Here’s someone asking for some help. Here’s 10 minutes before I go to bed.

Sometimes the signs are hard to ignore.

Ben Mercer