Ben Mercer


Life on the Edge of Professional Rugby


The book is almost finished! I’ve retitled it and got a cover design that I’m delighted with.

I’m hoping to launch the book soon. It’ll be available on Amazon, initially in ebook format and then will be available for Print On Demand. This means that when you order it, a copy will be printed and sent straight to you.

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The book is titled:

Fringes - Life at the Edge of French Rugby

Putting the book together has been enormous fun and the fulfilment of a lifelong pipe dream to write a book. I’m planning to do more in the future for sure.

Taking in the 4 years that I spent in Rouen, Fringes provides a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be a professional athlete in the lower echelons of the game. Forever outside society and mass media coverage, the book describes what it’s like to get paid to play sport, even if it’s not quite how you thought it would go.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to be a professional rugby player or pondered how they do it over the channel, this is for you. You’ll encounter passionate crowds and empty stadiums, brotherhood and bonding alongside bitterness and brutalité while we embarked on our task of turning an amateur French rugby environment into a professional sports team at Stade Rouennais Rugby in Normandy.

With a mad cast of teammates, cultural differences and misunderstandings ensue, with the wild world of French rugby laid bare for the reader. Fringes describes what it’s really like to follow your passion and become a professional rugby player, following the author through all the ups and downs, taking in the length and breadth of France.

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