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Racing Through the Dark

David Millar’s autobiography was one of the first to give amn in depth account of doping in cycling. Millar doesn’t spare himself one bit, providing great insight into not only how doping works, but how it feels to compete and win, yet feel like a fraud.

Should Read

Undisputed Truth

I was unconvinced that Mike Tyson’s autobiography would be worth reading until I saw a review, saying that if ‘even 10% is true’ it’s the most sensational sports book of the year.

It’s a harrowing read and makes you understand how violence became him. It’s not celebratory in tone, you feel sympathy for Tyson, even as you find him repellent.

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I Am Zlatan

Footballer’s autobiographies are often awful - this is a riot. A refreshingly honest, revealing and amusing run through Ibrahimovic’s life, from poor immigrant family to global superstar.

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Sevens Heaven

An amazing insight into one of world sport’s hotspots, the Pacific Islands make up a huge part of rugby’s playing population but the casual fan knows little about them.

Ben Ryan coached Fiji to Olympic Gold, becoming a national legend by harnessing the ability of some of rugby’s best players and athletes. There are hilarious and poignant stories woven throughout.

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The Secret Race

A now well known but at the time revelatory, self-lacerating expose of cycling’s doping culture which lead to the dethroning of Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton lays into the sport, his former teammate and himself, describing exactly how drugs aid and abet the world’s best cyclists.

Fascinating stuff - the bit where he describes receiving a transfusion will make your own blood run cold.

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Barbarian Days

Pulitzer Prize winning memoir, following the author around the world in pursuit of waves, surfing provides the backdrop to William Finnegan’s life, even as he moves from a carefree world tour to covering conflicts for the New Yorker.

Thoughtful, enlightening and meditative, this is pretty technical during the surfing passages but the writing is so good that you’ll love it.

Must Read.