my favourite stuff

I consume a lot of stuff. Here’s a few of my most loved.



Antifragile - has genuinely changed the way I think about much of the world around me

The Undoing Project - Lewis is always extremely readable but this exploration of genius and friendship made me cry


Kanye West - a genius

James Blake - unclassifiable, haunting, thrilling

The Strokes - Is This It is unimpeachable

Frank Ocean - brave yet unknowable


Fight Club - everything you’d want in a film, crammed full of meaning and an uncommon example of improving on an original book

Memento - innovative narrative style means that the horrifying truth dawns on you slowly

In Bruges - hilarious, unexpected and slightly sad


Cartel Land - you wouldn’t believe it if it was made up, exploration of Mexican drug trade

More Than A Game - true life feel good sports film, amazing access to Lebron James and his friends as they become the best high school basketball team in the US


The Wire - brilliantly complex, moving and balanced depiction of the Baltimore drug trade as the starting point for discussing greater themes

Mad Men - what it means to be a man and the American dream dissected through the lens of Don Draper, nothing uses its own history so effectively

Mr Robot - distinctive and believable dystopian piece, great Fight Club companion

Archer - just great fun, James Bond but an even bigger dickhead

The Office - UK or US, both great for different reasons