Ben Mercer

What I Offer

words that tell the world who you are

Ben has an incredible talent for distilling an idea down into beautiful, succinct and memorable messages
— Tim Bowles - Founder @ The Farm Camp


Blog Posts   On topics ranging including or combining sports, health and wellness, smarter thinking and marketing.


Content tailored to your needs. I provide intelligent and focussed content for health, leisure and lifestyle focussed entrepreneurs and brands.

I can also revamp your web copy, redo your marketing materials or run your email list.

If you’ve got something else that needs doing then just ask. Custom requests are always welcome.

For example, I’ve recently been commissioned to produce Brand Voice Guides, write Origin Stories and consult on Personal Branding.

I help you to fully express who you are and what you do with your words.

Web Copy   Helping you to communicate clearly with your customers.


I can create you a full Squarespace site, making your homepage somewhere you can be proud of.

If you want a smaller portfolio page, something more cost effective, or just want to test a new idea, I can make you a Carrd page to showcase your work or enable you to get your invention out there into the world.

For those with more complex needs, Webflow could be best.

This is a custom service so get in touch so I can get a better idea of your needs.


On Demand Blog Subscription Service

⭐️This is a new offer⭐️

The benefits of regular, strategic blogging include:

developing an ongoing relationship with your customers

positioning yourself as a leader in your industry

improving your SEO and pushing you up search rankings

the ability to comment on trends and events in a thoughtful and intelligent manner

growing your audience and potential customer base

giving you great content for distribution across your social channels


How It Works

You provide a prompt, an issue or a target keyword for SEO

Sit back and relax while your content is created

Review the final piece and request edits if needs be



You Get

1-4 articles per month

Private client space where you can track your order

Customised form to make the ideation hassle free

Quality, targeted piece of 600-1000 words

Suggested highlights for social media distribution

Starting at £300/mo for 1 article, £500/mo for 2, £800/mo for 3, £999 for 4

Rolling basis - cancel any time


Tech Stack


For clients with very specific needs, I can use no-code tools to fulfil them.

Perhaps you want to ask your clients questions in a more conversational manner, or try out a new way of on-boarding them.

Maybe you want to create a workplace wiki for your team to save time and resources in your day-to-day. Or maybe you’ve got a one off event that you want to automate the processes for.

Some of the tools I use are below. I’m always looking to expand my skill base so just ask if there’s something you’d like to create but don’t know how to implement.



I can make you a site, like this one. Or this one. Or this one.

Ideal for someone who wants to showcase them, or their business, in a clean, professional looking way.

Can integrate e-commerce and email tools too.



A 1-page site builder. Good for a simple portfolio, a hub for all your ventures or even…

A great way for you to launch business ideas, events or products quickly and easily.

Perfect for collecting customer information.

Examples here and here.



Email is the most effective marketing tool in terms of conversion.

Mailchimp is a market leader in providing an easy way to run your email list.

I can set this up for you. It’s how I currently run my own.



It’s early days on this one but in some ways, this could be the most powerful tool in my quiver.

If you want to create a hub for your project, travel guides, guest manuals for your Airbnb or even a business wiki outlining how to do everything at work, this could be your best choice.



The best survey tool I know.

Easy to create custom surveys to get feedback from customers or even to sell to specific groups by integrating Stripe and the like.

Gives your business more of a human touch than a standard data collection process.


Whatever Next?

If there’s something you need integrated, then I can find the solution.

I’m learning new tools all the time as part of Makerpad, a community of no code makers and am happy to expand my skillset.