I'm Writing A Book

I’ve been less active on here recently but have been beavering away in the shadows. After a month in London minding my friends’ business while they were away on holiday, I’ve really focussed on producing a book about my experiences playing rugby in France.

The working title is ‘Lost in France - Life on the Fringes of Professional Rugby’ - taking inspiration from Inside French Rugby by John Daniell and Barbarian Days by William Finnegan, the book will span the 4 years I spent in Rouen but will digress to discuss other issues raised during my time there.

I’ve been putting down a lot of raw material and have a structure in mind for the book itself. Soon I’ll begin formalising a proper proposal and sample introduction and play with the format by moving around what I’ve put together to form a more coherent narrative.

It’s been a lot of fun and the speed at which I’ve worked now that I’ve narrowed my focus is markedly different. Before I was idly contributing to a Google Doc whereas now I’m going to need to reformat soon due to the sheer length of what I’ve put together.

When I’ve got something more concrete to share then I will. In the meantime I’m going to keep working on it alongside my current day job.

In a bit.