What To Do About the RFU Championship

I’ve been blogging for Talking Rugby Union for a few months now and have been building a bit of a compendium on the Championship as a whole.

I spent time there as a player and left for France when I became increasingly dissatisfied with life in it. Now the league is at a crossroads where the product on the field is probably better than ever and more players are making the step up to the Premiership but the future of the division is in question.

It seems to me that the RFU need to do something decisive with the league. If they want to ring fence the Premiership then they must make the Championship into something else, something innovative, something more exciting than what exists currently and give the clubs a raison d’être.

Without a purpose, whether that be promotion to the top division or not, the league will die out and the divisions below the Championship would need whole scale reorganisation.

It’s the old classic:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Now is the time to be bold with the Championship, one way or the other. Decide what story they want the league to tell.

Here’s my first article outlining some of the problems:


The next one I put together will outline some potential solutions, based on my experiences from around the rugby world.