Do You Care?

Do you care enough?

I went on a date some months ago where my new friend expressed her annoyance at people who gripe and moan, often about current affairs.

She advocated action as a proof; if you weren’t prepared to take even a small action, to even slightly inconvenience yourself, then it’s not something you really care about and you should be less equivocal in you opinion.

She wanted to make some sort of charitable contribution to address FGM. This was a news story that piqued her interest, one that she decided she did care about.

I’m pursuing this attitude in my work - I want to help people with problems that I care about. This isn’t always going to be possible and there’s certainly been some trial and error since leaving professional sport, but it seems that this is the way forward.

Sometimes you’ll be riled by something, annoyed by something you see on the news, or discuss over a dinner party, or experience in your day to day. If you’re not prepared to do something about it, then perhaps you don’t really care. Then you can let it slip away into the cool shadow cast by your indifference.

If you care, then there’s something to be done. The likelihood is, that someone else will care too, maybe even enough to pay you for whatever your solution is.

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