Taking Charge of Productivity

I’m someone who consumes a lot of #content. Fortunately, my tastes run largely to interesting things, I tend away from the ephemeral and more to the factual. I’ve found a good spread of people who I believe in and can rely on.

Which ‘facts’ you should believe in or even follow is another topic. I’ve come around to the idea that following ‘the news’ is not a good idea - leaving your moods and opinions subject to the vicissitudes of a constant stream of news and hot takes leaves you without the ability to construct your own opinions and frankly, will probably depress you, particularly if you’re someone who ‘cares’ not quite enough to do anything about it. Better to learn ‘just in time’ when you’re ready to take action or your input is required on something.

The ongoing Brexit omnishambles is a prime example. I realised the other week, when watching an old Anthony Bourdain episode, that the whole thing has been going on for about 3 years now. What a waste of time and energy, regardless of your opinion on it.

I’ve digressed slightly. Anyway, reading widely means that it’s difficult to absorb all of that information. Sometimes I make a connection between two wildly different spheres but I then struggle to recall the exact details that would enable me to make some sort of pertinent point about it.

Now I’m wrestling with various systems of note taking and knowledge management. The last week has been a lot of learning on this front, using a new technical platform to collate and arrange the information that I consume so that I can build out my knowledge base, keeping details and facts at hand, ready for use rather than apt to confuse.

Eventually I’ll have a private note taking system, categorising my notes and making it easier for me to create, while providing public wikis for consumption that include everything I’ve curated on a certain topic, things that I believe in and use.

More on this in due course.

ProductivityBen Mercer