Ben Mercer

My Book

I’ve written a book about my experiences of playing rugby in France for Stage Rouennais titled:

Lost in France - Life on the Fringes of Professional Rugby

I’ve had my edited first draft back from my editor and am making changes.

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I am a writer and former professional rugby player.

Lost In France is my first book. I’m hoping to publish later this year.

Otherwise I write on a freelance basis alongside developing my own business interests.

Currently I'm writing for a blog, producing web copy and marketing material for businesses and ghost-writing for business and thought leaders. See some examples here.

I’ve been working on a small project called Endgame, telling the stories of retired professional athletes who are now pursuing interesting professional endeavours. I want to provide a resource for other professionals and showcase what avenues exist for life post sport.

Take a look at Endgame here - I’m beginning to expand beyond my immediate circle and have my first female athlete lined up to interview. If you know anyone who’s competed in sport at a high level and has moved on to a new career then feel free to get in touch.

I have been involved in professional sport since leaving school, training full time with Bath Rugby before getting a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University. Since then my career has spanned Plymouth and Cornwall in the southwest of England with a year in Sydney, Australia before finishing up with four years in France with Stade Rouennais.

click to read more about my rugby career here


Now I'm developing a career as a writer. I'm currently writing for a blog, putting together research and rough drafts for book ideas that I've had and ghostwriting for business leaders. Find some examples of my work here or look at my blog.


I'm currently testing a business idea in the health and wellness space that would help people to upgrade and develop their eating habits. I'll post more about it as it moves forward.